Every unsolved opportunity is called problem.


Alarm Clock

We all are familiar with alarm clock generally used to wake up in the morning, a few of us gets up immediately as it rang rest others with the help of snoozers.

Here, my purpose of writing about alarm clock is that exploring the time when we should set alarm and make our life super easy.

A few areas below:
1- Set alarm to wake up on time.
2-We should set alarm to go to bed on time as delay in sleep usually results in difficulty to wake up on desired time and then we feel bad whole day for not doing the very first task as per the desire and it spoils our morning also.
As it is also said – “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.
3-During office hours or home where ever you are set alarms in every 1hour to change your sitting posture as nowadays it’s been said that continuous sitting is the new smoking, so set alarms to keep changing your posture or to take a small walk or do some physical activity.
4-Set alarms to have healthy beverages like green/lemon tea or snacks while working as this maintains or energy level.
5-Also set alarms every day to have a ME-Time when you will spend time doing your favourite thing whether it’s writing, reading or cooking or merely sitting alone, exploring our thoughts as this helps in increasing productivity.
Connect with oneself properly, rest will be done easily.

So, start setting alarms and keep rocking the world.


“Data”, we all have heard about its importance and have seen struggle in getting data while working in any corporate or from others who are starting their own business, but while sharing our own information on different available sites according to our life-style, we tend to share information so easily that in future is going to cost hefty amount from us, is it not funny!!

A few examples in my point of view are as below that we need to be aware about them:

  1. Job providing sites: On the basis of free database shared by us they run their business and earn money and then for their paid services they charge from us.

Suggestion: There must be option to put mobile number with designation so to find suitable job as other details can be taken by making call to that particular person.

  • Social Media sites: People are sharing not only information but also their real time data (location, activity and other crucial things).

Suggestion: We must be aware about sharing information details as sharing location, mobile number or some personal information might be dangerous in today’s so many scenario, so be cautious.

  • Different Apps we install in our phone where we grant access to our contacts and other memory.

Suggestion: we need to grant that much access to any app from which there is no hurdle in runny that App, unnecessary information granting is a trap to share your private information of banking details, your contact details and other crucial details with the strangers.

  • Several facility providing sites grabs information from you which in future results in several promotional calls or emails full on promotions of products or services suitable as per your profile no matters you need them or not.

Suggestion: To live life peacefully, be aware what information you are sharing and to whom and also think about the purpose for a second before sharing information with anyone.

So, start sharing information with those only who are responsible for any work closure not with anyone who are promoting to provide you free subscriptions, free photo editing, free jobs and in the last with website who are going to fulfill your immediate requirement. Don’t enroll yourself anywhere.

Be smart, Be secure, Be happy with your family.

MARRIED WOMAN: Bitter truth

in todays world where we all speaks gender equality in giving birth, education, profession and in all facilities and rights but when it comes to marrige where all these rights are, these are only a few points about thought proceas of people towards married women character and life I have discussed here many other points and voilence are still part of married women life which are nagging their mind which asks from this society that whats the problem, who is wrong here, so request you to please read it and tell all married women where is the problem,who is wrong

If a married woman is not putting a pic of her husband on social media, she is not of good character.‌

If she hangs out with male friends without her hubby, she is not of good character.‌

If she chats late night with others, either her husband is not at home or she is not having good married life (if the husband is at home n still she is active late at night so she is not having good life or if she is active online in his absence then she is chance seeker).‌

If she speaks with a smile on her face with everyone, she is one who is open to all.‌If she avoids little healthy flirting, she is a whore. ( No matters if she does this to maintain her relation of friendship or she is confident enough to handle such situations).

P.S.: No matters she is doing all with the consent of her husband and if they have a healthy and promising married life, like social media or hanging with friends is not your life it’s just part of your life.

So, be polite while speaking as it may hurt someone.

Accept The Changes

changes are for the betterment of our life and relationship so be the change, Accept the change

Although I don’t know why humans are called human being whatever the reason is, it goes well with our race as we are being into some so-called race of changes that make us better from every last second we lived. We, humans, are always growing in many terms whether it’s a natural process or physical or emotional.

Every action of us or others, even a single thought or memory that reminds us of doing better, any guilt or happiness of the past or wish to do better make changes in ourself and this is how changes gradually make the differences in our personality. So we grow, we change every day, every second of our life. We calculate our deeds, we churn our thoughts to make things, our life, our personality stronger. To be more presentable, or to be more clear in our thoughts, ways to express things better we need to learn different things through different mediums, through reading, listening, discussing or sometimes by only reviewing our life.

But every second of our life makes us a better version of our self.

Not only thought changes, deep inside our body our cells do radical changes which make us able to survive in this world or to fight with the existing system. And, this is what life is all about.

It is just a theory of accepting and moving with the changes.

So, be the change and let change make you better from the last best version of yourself.

Start Dreaming


A dream is something you think, feel, talk about, mute and speak and then talk to yourself every second of your life. A dream is a thing about to be done, about to be accomplished but that dreams usually always remains the dream.

As lucky ones who own their dreams are the ones who live with them. Eat with your dream, speak to your dream, sleep with your dream.

Then, you will find one day that your dream would not be a dream anymore, that will become true , the only real people know about you, and you would be surprised that after years of struggle, difficulties you faced, out on your shoulder to make that dream come true, people are treating you like an angel who is god gifted and who have got something all of a sudden with god’s grace.

But do not ever disturb yourself from these views and always keep this in mind that if you would have heard all this in the starting so you could never be at the stage you are today, so stop noticing this now also otherwise you will not go the destination who have built for yourself.

And, Dreams are indeed meant to be fulfilled.

So live with it.

If you have any dream, it’s your sole responsibility to protect it to give it a shape, a life and oxygen to live longer.

Start Dreaming !!

Need Not To Pray

Don’t go away.

Stay here and find the way.

Do you know, everyone in this world has stamina to play with the world’s play.



Start & Struggle

From today, by devoting all you MAY.

Ultimately and finally,

you will achieve the goal.

You need not to pray.